How to Achieve the Best Results With the 720 Waves Method


720 waves are an average hairstyle amongst black men. However, there exist several different wave styles ranging from 720, 360,520, 540 and 720 waves to name a few. It is important to understand the difference between all of these different waves. Once you understand the differences, you will be able to choose a style that looks best for your hair type and face shape. Find out how to get 720 waves here.

The face that falls between medium and coarse hair tends to look good with medium wave lengths; however, for those whose hair is rough with coarse hair, they will look better with the shorter wave length. When you select which hairstyle is right for your face it is a good idea to experiment with all three of the above wave lengths. This will allow you to find out what is the best option for your particular hairstyle.

Many people believe that using keratin based products to create 720 wave patterns will help make your hair more textured. The truth is, however, that the length of time that you wear the pattern will not have any bearing on how smooth your hair will look. The texture of your hair will determine how the pattern will look on your scalp. Some people with very fine hair will need a high amount of keratin to achieve textured hairstyles and this can take a lot of time. People with coarse hair, however, do not require as much keratin because the product can be washed out of the hair if too much is applied.

The biggest difference between the 360 wave pattern and 720 waves is that the first one is much longer. You can wear either one up to the ear line or up to the temple. In addition, the 360 wave patterns that are used to enhance the eye-catching top of the head will work best for those whose hairline is straight. Those with wavy or curly hair may find that the 360 wave brush will pull the hair into the shape that they are trying to achieve.

A straight man can use the same hair-growing technique for either the short or long-term hair-growing task. He should start by brushing from the front to the back of his head and then brushing in the opposite direction. When it comes to the use of the “720 wave pattern,” men with straight hair will find that this technique is very easy to master. Women who have naturally curly hair can also use the 720 wave pattern and this will add an extra level of interest to the front of their hair.

One way to practice both methods without using products is to simply run your fingers through your hair to one side at a time and then back to the center. This will simulate the rubbing of the durag as it moves across the scalp. Once you have gotten comfortable with this rubbing method, then you can move on to the other side. The width of the 720 waves should be dependent on the length of the hair that you want to achieve the desired look. If you have very curly hair, you will notice that the waves will not be as wide and if you have straight hair, you will notice that the waves will be more even.

In order to get the best results with the 720 waves technique, it is important to start out with only a very small area of hair and continue to brush until you get the desired results. Once you have covered the entirety of the hairline with your product, you can move on to the center of your head and then to the crown. If you have a round, full head of hair, then you can use the 360 waves brush on the entire length of your hairline and crown, but if you have a more oval or square shaped head of hair, then you will need to make separate sections in order to reach all of the areas that you want to highlight.

After getting waves applied, you will need to maintain them so that they will last for the length of time that you are going to have them on your hair. You can maintain the look of the product by using products that will keep them from becoming dull or greasy. If you are going to use shampoo, then you should avoid the brands that contain an excessive amount of detergents. Detergents can strip the grease from your hair and leave it looking dull and without any life.