Plastic Surgeon Perth – Review of CosMedic West Australia

CosMedicwest offers cosmetic surgery both for men and women in Perth, Western Australia.” Sounds like a marketing term. Cosmetic surgery is not cosmetic surgery. I find that they use the termcosurgical simply because it sounds more dramatic than ordinary surgery.


The website does not provide much detail about what services are offered by CosMedicwest, except that they offer non-surgical cosmetic procedures and aesthetic enhancements in Perth and Western Australia. Their spa facility in Cairns provides the ultimate in non-surgical treatments. For those who have a passion for the beach and are looking to boost your facial features, this is a fabulous way to achieve the look you want. CosMedic west is located at Cairns Beach, an hour’s drive from Perth.

I was referred to CosMedic West via the Internet. I was interested in seeking a non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatment to enhance my appearance in Perth, Western Australia and found that I could find exactly what I was looking for at this place. I chose the non-surgical facelift as my cosmetic surgery procedure because it meant that I would no longer be using fillers, eyelid surgery or botox. Instead, this would be a natural looking enhancement that would be permanent. I found that CosMedicwest had one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Western Australia, so that was a big plus.

CosMedic West uses the newest technology when it comes to cosmetic procedures. At their spa facility, patients are presented with a series of images in a very relaxing manner. This type of treatment does not include any invasive procedures and the surgeon simply works around the body, making small incisions in strategic areas. This type of non-invasive procedure makes the cosmetic procedures more appealing to patients, since it eliminates the fear of needles and other forms of pain.

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments offered by CosMedic is face procedure augmentation skin reduction results. This particular treatment utilizes the use of a mini laser to enhance the patient’s facial features. This is a non-surgical enhancement that can be used to refine the eyebrows, enhance cheekbones and cheeks, or reduce the size of the chin. Patients typically experience swelling and bruising after the face procedure augmentation, but these signs go away after several days. The result of this particular cosmetic surgery is a more youthful and attractive face that is symmetrical to the rest of the face. I found that the surgeons who performed this service were very qualified and this clinic offers a very high standard of care.

Another of CosMedic’s clinical specialties is their dermal fillers procedure. This procedure allows the cosmetic surgeon Perth to blend various fillers to improve the patient’s appearance. Several fillers can be used, but one of the most popular are Restylane and Juvederm, which can help to improve the patient’s skin tone and eliminate the wrinkles on the face.

A few months after the facelift, a patient may go back for a revision treatment known as subpermanent filler use. This second procedure can help to correct the problems with the original facelift. Many of the complications from the original procedure have been reduced or eliminated using this advanced technique. Once again, the patient has exceptional results with the cosmetic surgeon Perth. I highly recommend this place for any plastic surgery in Perth.

CosMedic also offers a number of other medical procedures that include liposuction, breast lift, eyelid surgery, and botox treatment. All of these are performed by the highly qualified Mark duncan-smith. He is the medical director of CosMedic. As I previously mentioned, this clinic is run by a team of physicians and board certified plastic surgeons. If you need a quality, well-trained medical professional, I would suggest having a look at CosMedic.