Yow, How Are You? Book Review

yowhatsapp by yowamod

A novel about a dog called Yow Manos who becomes a hermit after a shipwreck and his coming back as a hero is the premise of Yowhatsapp by yowamod. This is written by Randa Jarrar. It is an interesting read and is entertaining from start to finish. It is a story that one would not soon forget.

When Yow Manos is first seen, he is on a tiny log raft with nothing but some food and water. He is called out of it on a raft to the sea and lives in it for a few days. When his old owner finds out, he realizes the dog has become something of a hermit and takes him back to the land of his birth. Here, Manos undergoes a transformation that makes him a kind of a changed man.

Randa Jarrar delves into Yow Manos’ life in order to give substance to the story and at the same time keep the reader interested. In her telling of his transformation she includes a few other interesting characters like his friend and driver, Gopal and Prambanan. This book is not just a novel about a dog called Yow. It is also a novel about life. What led this dog to take on a different persona? And how did he come to live in this isolated place called Manus Island?

The plot of the book is just interesting enough. You know what, sometimes you need a good plot line to draw your readers’ attention. This is one of those rare cases where the plot is the main element. But more than that, Jarrar has managed to create a likable character. Readers will easily fall in love with this lovable character.

One thing that struck me right away is that Yow is a survivor. He was spared by the Dogna, the tribe who brought him there as a stowaway on their boat, but he survived. In one of the scenes he finds a stray dog, which ends up saving his life. One would think that a dog with no memory would be an easy mark for death, but Yow took care of the dog.

In Yow Hatsapp, Jarrar delves into the psychology of a dog. Just as humans can be driven by various psychological factors, so can dogs. Yow likes to think of himself as the leader of the pack. That’s what makes this book a little different from the others. It takes Yow’s unique qualities and combines them with Jarrar’s writing style to create a novel I would recommend to people who like to read about the psychology of animals.

Jarrar seems to be an inspired writer. Sometimes the things she writes seem too perfect to be true, and yet they are, and this is one of those books. The fact that Yow and Jarrar are young and are in love, and yet the book deals with their separation and the way they cope with it, is one I can understand and relate to.

The story is a simple one, but one that offers a realistic view of growing up. There were things that could not be helped in Yow’s case, and Jarrar delves into that to show us how it happens. One of the main characters, Taffy, is almost a glorified nanny. This book is a quick read, but offers a good glimpse into the life of a dog. For anyone looking for a light hearted read, this is the one.

It is also written in a very friendly voice, so even if you don’t think you know a lot about dogs you will probably feel right at home here. The book is relatively short, but when you finish it you will feel satisfied and want to read more about Jarrar and Yow. This is one book I would definitely recommend to a friend who likes dogs, or for anyone who wants a good read about two children dealing with the issues that come with growing up and dealing with the normal teenage concerns.

The book is not only written by Yow himself, but it is also written by Rosemary Rappley-Griffith, another great author. One of the best things about Yow’s story is that it is not one of those books where the main character is a bad person. There is a good side to Jarrar as well, and we learn about how he deals with his best friend. This book is full of laughs, and would make a great read for someone who likes a good read about a child and their issues.

This is also one book I would recommend to someone looking for a children’s book that is not too serious. In a way, Jarrar’s character mirrors the way some teenagers act, and is not really too far from the attitude some young people have. While it does include some very adult content, it is still a book for children to read with humor. If you enjoy a good laugh, this is a good book for you.